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Alex Jones Exposes More Megyn Kelly Lies
   The Alex Jones Channel
  Published: 4 days ago


Alex Jones goes through his interview with Megyn Kelly, moment by moment, and exposes the lies laced throughout her flopping hit piece.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

3 hours ago
Clearly it was sombrero smuggling.

5 hours ago
i had to come see comments from the most simple minded people ....this dumb ass dont even believe the bs that comes out his own damn mouth. SMFH

9 hours ago
why does president donald trump hate fake news when he watches this podcast or "news".

11 hours ago
You have a horrible voice!!! Loser!

1 day ago
bring them down.

1 day ago
Beams from the north tower hit 7, The building's not safe. They must burn every letter. And take out the base. Then they watched the building collapse.

1 day ago
Similar video footage of weed smugglers crossing the rio grande has been published by National Geographic, Border control USA, US Customs, and other similar shows aired around the globe. So why would info wars be faking that story? Is this Discovery channel propaganda? MSM got their backs to the wall Alex..

2 days ago
I love these 15 minute news bites. It is hard to find the time to watch the hour plus segments. Sometimes I can but if I have a break or an extra 20 minutes then I enjoy getting my dose of the news via Alex

2 days ago
Megyn Kelly only reports the "news" that is given to her and she gladly and willingly does it only because she is a traitor to our country and she is enslaved to the lust of wealth gained and she enjoys being in the "limelight."

2 days ago
Who cares about marijuana

2 days ago
"Although we don't know what it actually shows"

What a load of crap. It's obviously drug smuggling.

2 days ago
Whats he on about megyn kelly last night what was she on? No doubt chatting bare shit

2 days ago
who cares about lying whores? Kelly is a slut who screwed her way to the top!

2 days ago
Alex, you're a loser, and Megyn Kelly has exposed you as a loser, and a liar. Glad the courts took away your kids. Oh, almost forgot, depending on where you secretly recorded your off-the-record conversation with Kelly -- it that state has a two-party consent law -- you might have committed a crime.

2 days ago
If I was Megan " LIAR" Kelly's husband I would be talking to a divorce lawyer, as her actions reflect on her family. I mean we know she is a major player in the lying game, is her husband also full of shit??? Are her kids complete pathologically liars?

2 days ago
After disappointing work with Putin, megyn needed to hit a home run with alex. Looks like another disappointment. Total failure trying to push her (and liberal) agenda. NBC (another fake news) should dump her.

2 days ago
anybody else over seeing this megan kelly shit.

2 days ago
Megyn kelly is a fucking wack job! Plain and simple! WTF does she think they were doing? Smuggling clothes? oh I know Tacos and hot chiles, yea thats what it is.

2 days ago
I stopped watching anything Megyn does back when she was with FOX.

2 days ago
she is so ugly

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