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10 Celebs Who Are SMARTER Than You Think
  Published: 1 week ago


10 Celebs who actually have a very high IQ.
We all have opinions about certain celebrities because of their public persona or the parts that they play. But the reality can often be far from our assumptions, like these 10 celebs who are smarter than you think.

Take Cole and Dylan Sprouse, for example. They’re known as jokers, but they’re actually pretty intelligent behind that silly façade. Not only did they graduate from college, but they’re also amongst the list of celebs with surprisingly high IQs.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

6 hours ago
I bet the girl who's speaking is a canadian

15 hours ago
When she pronounced baccalaureate like bachelorette I cringed

19 hours ago
the way you pronounced baccalaureate at 5:11 made something inside of me die

19 hours ago
I'm a simple girl, I see Dylan and Cole Sprouse, I click.

23 hours ago
Cindy's story touch my heart! On 9th grade I was on 'free teen' stage so I study only the night before exam. Hence I never get good grades or noticed for my brains. I moved at 11th grade and continue to get good grades again.
After I graduate high school, I took private class to prepare for med school, my bio teacher was my 9th grade teacher! She told the whole class, "Back in school she never knew what to write during exam" they all laugh.
I was so embarrassed. Now my eligibility exam is over and I passed, I'm going to med school in sept. In her fucking face.

24 hours ago
Mensa is full of losers who don't accomplish anything with their High-IQ's, while the other High-IQ individual gets everything done, look at Silicon Valley for example's sake.

Even Isaac Maslow thought it was stupid after joining it.

1 day ago
i'm a simple girl, i see the sprouses i click

1 day ago
waw trump was maybe good at school but he's not that smart. he doesn't believe in the global warming while there are thousand of scientific evidence about it.
and i don't like the map showing countries with the best IQ in the world. it's not fair because africa don't have the resources for giving to their children and young people a correct education. there are many smart people but they don't have the money or the opportunity to go to college. so the map is wrong, because not everyone on earth is equal about education. (sorry for my bad english)

1 day ago
I think being smart is just a skill, which is really good and makes life easier. However, being educated is our own choice - way difficult but more valuable.

1 day ago
Me: Trying to look for 10:48, Skipping through and WHAT TRUMP WHAT THE HEL-

1 day ago
"Massetjusetts and International Bachelorette program"? Omg who is this idiot??

1 day ago
the thumbnail is gold omg

1 day ago
"international bachelorette program"

1 day ago
Ashton is way smarter than the president!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

1 day ago
Came here because of thumnbnail😂

1 day ago
Trump just ruins this video. What a joke. He is so ignorant! 😠

1 day ago
Trump's score proves that a high IQ doesn't necessarily determine maturity or competence. A high IQ doesn't mean shit if you don't have any discipline.

1 day ago
its sad to think that people believe that just because their iq scores are high, they think there smart, when in fact the test itself is flawed due to the fact it was based around the american educational system at the time of it's creation,and also only proves that a person is good with arithmetics and how to identify the relationship between objects.

1 day ago
Tbh I don't know why I clicked on this video

But it was randomly entertaining

2 days ago
finally a video that doesn't mention the kardashians or sisters😂

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