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The Truth About The Right Wing Terror Attack In London
   The Alex Jones Channel
  Published: 4 days ago


Paul Joseph Watson joins Alex Jones live via Skype to discuss developing details on the terror attack that took place outside of the Finsbury Park Mosque in London, UK.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

24 hours ago
The first thing we heard was that a 'white man' had driven a van into a crowd.
How odd that any Muslim attack is described as ' a van drove into a crowd' or a lorry drove into a crowd' or as in Germany 'a suicide bomber was killed by a 'German bomb' ( my all time favourite!
Incidentally this attacker isn't proven a right wing yet.

2 days ago
Ban Islam in western cyvilised countries and all 3 generations of muslims out! To their motherhood arabian desert where they will enjoy camels goats scorpions and beheadings other people when they are feel bored. AMEN

2 days ago
It was only a matter of time before something like this would happen. Don't expect a #prayfor___ when the left has clearly sided with Muslims and praise the idea of the president and right wingers being killed. I don't care if Muslims or lefties are killed by terrorists of any stripe. You people started this war.

2 days ago
Did you hear or see the video of the witness saying that there was two other people riding with him? They fledge the scene according to a witness.

2 days ago
I'm so fucked off with this world tip toeing around fucking Muslims! The left people need to wake up

2 days ago
I think his children were molested by the mosque men. Same as Rochdale and Leeds. Sikh awareness society can help.

2 days ago
and the guy that cnn interviews is 66 years old. anybody else notice that?

2 days ago
In the last 30 days there have been 178 Islamic attacks in 28 countries, in which 1591 people were killed and 1795 injured.

3 days ago
We are not a socialist society though we do have some social programs but most are failing because of corruption. We are supposed to be a free country not a socialist country. Socialism does not work Look at Argentina it's falling apart from corruption.

3 days ago
No no no, they just don't understand. It's a van of peace.

3 days ago
All terror attacks are done by right wingers.

3 days ago

3 days ago
Some idiots live in a dream world and think some can do no wrong. Manchester London Bridge Westminster plus countless other attacks by muslims. Thay marched on London streets Sunday spouting hate with terrorist supporting flags. So though the attack in Finsbury Park was wrong i dont feel like feeling sorry for the muslim community just yet. Lots of people are still in hospital for Manchester London Bridge and Westminster far more than are in hospital for Finsbury park.

3 days ago
The van driver was not a real person. So, all is ok and you can move along again.

3 days ago
It's ramavan, he just wanted to join in.

3 days ago
no right wing about it he is a ordinary man whos had enough

3 days ago
What the media did the same thing on this case compare to the ISIS, you just making up shit

3 days ago
The west is letting in , the so called "wounded SNAKE"!!!!

What , if that nice muslim on the corner of your street has to choose???
80 percent will choose shaira law....

your nice muslim , at work , is just waiting!!!


3 days ago
I wouldn't be so quick to label this "Right Wing" terror. He might have been a "hybrid". I have seen the type. He might hate both Trump and and Muslims. And besides when was killing Muslims "Right wing". I get the idea of being honest when it's "one of yours" so you can be critical when it's one of them. But I wouldn't be so quick to "own" this guy when he might not be one of us.

3 days ago
Sorry but what do they expect.

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