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The Universe in 4 Minutes
  Published: 1 year ago


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I hope the universe lasts longer than 4 minutes. Personally I last 2 and a half.

The music is Waltz of the Flowers, Tchaikovsky:
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Comments Directly on YouTube

28 minutes ago
This reminded me of 'history of the entire world I guess' loved this

31 minutes ago
awesome video.

1 hour ago
This is like Bill Wurtz's History of the world but better

2 hours ago
I swear up god I'm not going to watch this insanity, why? Universe in 4 min are you kidding me? Well even 4 centuries aren't enough to understand universe...

2 hours ago
Did you just say Tyrion Lannister?

2 hours ago
i Came from the Big Bang to post this here.

2 hours ago
I really loved this.

2 hours ago

3 hours ago
Natasha is a bitch

4 hours ago
I can give you the universe in 4 words "Realy Big and Complex". See I didn't needs 4 minutes.

5 hours ago
at 4:16 hello Mr. tump

6 hours ago
i was cracking up the whole time with my friends this whole video!

6 hours ago
who is this guy 😂 he is fucking awesome😎

10 hours ago
When he said redtube I lost it😂😂

10 hours ago
Who else searched up what RedTube was and was glad they did ;)

11 hours ago

13 hours ago
Bro I actually like this video... educating/funny .... U deserve a gold medal 🥇

15 hours ago
i learned more from this than i learned from science classes this year

16 hours ago
the most dafaq video for space I watched but I like it :)

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