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Beyonce Gives Birth to Twins
   Entertainment Tonight
  Published: 2 weeks ago


More from Entertainment Tonight:
Beyonce has welcomed her second and third child with husband Jay Z.
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11 hours ago
Bruh who gives a flying fuck, they just damn babies

12 hours ago
its only been 3 months

1 day ago
Bitch, where r your fake, moonbump twins!???

2 days ago
Their Look like ashole

5 days ago
one's name is Satan the other is Lucifer

5 days ago
Why is everyone getting twins now? her Jlo Mariah

6 days ago
If she gave birth to the twins on 15th of june then their birthdays are on the same day as North West.

6 days ago
giving birth to twins is not gonna change America is just giving attention

7 days ago
the illuminati gave her a shot to get pregnant dummies

1 week ago
She's the biggest star out there course the new and everybody's going to talk about her having twins so don't act like that"who cares about her kids"the parents,family,and they're fans

1 week ago
Ima need y'all to stop hating on she living her life so y'all live yours if you don't like her don't say anything about her

1 week ago
No one cares about this shit.

1 week ago
TRANNY nation grows by 2!!! Hshaha, I see you!

1 week ago
cant wait to see the babies!! i wonder what their names are

1 week ago
his husband might have smacked her hard

1 week ago
Two more snakes slither to Hollywood, as the masses become anxious 🖤🤑😈👹

1 week ago
two more criminal drug addict entertainers

1 week ago

1 week ago
But wait a minute. Isn't North's bday in June? This is going to turn into another stupid online battle for future bday parties.

1 week ago
Why do people give af

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