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What is Happening to Katy Perry... (2017-2018)
   Jason A
  Published: 1 week ago


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13 minutes ago
Wait. I see what you did there. Sneaky sneaky. Nice Jesus plug.

25 minutes ago
Shes going though thr samething that Brittany did.

28 minutes ago
ugly and anoying!!!!

35 minutes ago
Her thoughts and behaviors are now forever controlled by Satan.

41 minutes ago
But... how can you sell something that isn't real to someone that doesn't exist?

56 minutes ago
She's good, just having a year-long existentialism crisis...

58 minutes ago
I think a lot of celebrities go through this because unlike us REGULAR-SHMEGULAR PEOPLE our life is a slow and steady incline or decline. We don't have massive amounts of money thrown at us or people that are paid to agree with us, IT'S A FALSE SENSE OF REALITY! But it's short lived.

Whats the first thing an average person will do?
•Buy a house
•buy a/ some cars
•Go shopping for clothes and jewelry
•Show off for friends and enemies

But once you've done all that and youre not as hot as you use to be or you just become bored or tired what happens next?

Some celebrities surpass the amount of success they saw for themselves and are clearly bored with it all but hold on to it for dear life because if it weren't for their celebrity status they'd probably go crazy. (Beyonce, Kim K, Oprah)

Some celebrities feel a high with their celebrity status and when that wears off they get high off of drugs or sex or whatever. (Lindsey Lohan, Whitney Houston, Tara Reid)

Some celebrities grab what little pieces of happiness they've acquired over their time in Hollywood and run like hell and you barely hear from them. (Haley Berry, Dave Chappell, Adele)

Some celebrities, celebrity lives become extremely complexed and complicated that towards the end we see them act sort of simple and almost child like. (Michael Jackson, Anna Nicole, Mariah Carey)

Some celebrities "career hop" when clearly they don't need the money looking for that "rise to fame" high in a different arena. (Donald Trump, Jennifer Lopez, Micheal Jordan)

While other celebrities just zone the fuck out! (Kanye West, Olsen Twins)

There's a sense of wonder that we regular shmegular people get to experience for the majority of our lives.
WE FIGHT for our degrees
WE FIGHT for a decent credit score
WE FIGHT for our friends and families (they don't just pop up to be on camera or borrow money)
WE FIGHT to become home owners
WE FIGHT to keep our jobs
And with this comes a humility, life lessons, appreciation, sensibility, prosperity... basically the things money CAN'T buy and CAN'T be seen with the naked eye.

IN A NUTSHELL, the problem with celebrities is they aquire things in a short amount of time that's supposed to take decades to get. Sixteen year olds with no high school diploma or authoritative figures don't need millions of dollars. (Chris Brown, Rihanna without any education on how to spend it) OVER EXPOSURE is the cause of all these celebrities gone bad. Too much too fast. When's the last time you've heard of a celebrity dying of natural causes??????

WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THEIR MONEY (cuz I'd love to pay off my student loans) I DON'T ENVY CELEBRITIES ONE BIT. They all seem kinda miserable.


1 hour ago
She just needs my children to be happy.

1 hour ago
She is doing great she sounds so good and for the first time she actually opened up completely. She has given us all this love all this years. We the fans just got to support and accepted she is a human at the end of the day. She gots her own personal life too. Give her a break. Haters just don't bother viewing her channel and you be good. Good luck #Katyperry 💕💕💕

2 hours ago
The answer is to close down Hollywood and the Music Industry. Kill the kazar Jews because they spread this where ever they go.
Turn back to the Creator, make your children read the Bible make them memorize the Bible, show them the rightous path and make them do good deeds and prepare for the hearafter. This life and world is temporary and full of hardships. The US dollar is a piece of paper, if the government refuses to honor it then it is no more than toilet paper. GOD will forgive all sins except blasphemy (this sin is only forgiven if you repent truly and stop blasphemy altogether). Hollywood and Music industry are nothing but blasphemy.

Allah Hu Akbar( GOD is the Greatest).

2 hours ago
gtf and give away all your money , speak up authentically against the system you manipulative cow

2 hours ago
just another slave from the music mafia

2 hours ago
she needs publicity desperately, because she is becoming less relevant

3 hours ago
Maybe it's the people she records with, because the product that leaves the studio is what she has to put a masc on to promote . Her work and persona go hand in hand. Good luck Katy it's time to leave some stuff behind

4 hours ago
this was all over the place.

4 hours ago
so u have never likes pop music!! now ur hip hop get right child get right

4 hours ago
She is a very dark person. You need to research what her videos are really about. It is impossible to feel any compassion for someone that is a puppet to corrupt our youth. She is an absolutely horrible person.

4 hours ago
she is a human thats all...its easy to say things to her when you are not famous and see things on tabloids and be criticized...she choose this path but even christians breakdown and get sad. no one is perfect.

5 hours ago
Ohhhh wahhhh mainstream media puppet. That's all popstars are.

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