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Disaster! Megyn Kelly's Dis-Info Piece Gets Lowest Ratings Ever
   The Alex Jones Channel
  Published: 4 days ago


Mike Cernovich joins Alex Jones live in studio to discuss the Megyn Kelly NBC hit piece that aired the night before and expose the deceptions in-bedded within the television host's trick editing.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

21 hours ago
Invite kelly to some out and do an operation with her, (as if she would accept).

Only thing I disagree with is you said they lit you to give you a big face. And you admitted along time ago you have a huge head. So, do that math. It was still bad lighting. But c'mon man. You have a forehead that is more like a 5 or 6 head. That's a lot of face!

23 hours ago
Megyn Kelly is not to blame.
She is a good worker for her boss.....

1 day ago
Alex don't even worry how they clearly tried to fatten u. Only old aunties watch that shiz they won't notice nor remember sandy hook

1 day ago
Tune into infowars for 3 mins and she looks like a c*nt

1 day ago
Weed is not a drug though it's a weed. A plant

1 day ago
In your mini doc Alex include all the sandy hook stuff the freaky unprofessional laughing coroner and the actors out of Winnipeg Dave and Francine wheeler with their proven fake twitter sympathizers. Donald was attacked via u as well

2 days ago
if infowars really caught a "drug operation" on live on camera, why didn't they call the police?

2 days ago
hoisted by her own petard

2 days ago
doesn't nbc own the rights to the interview? can't they sue Alex if he releases the tape?

2 days ago
WE ALL need to rise and throw our credit cards in the trash and have a HUGE PROTEST in front of ALL the federal reserves. These media corps are OWNED by the Rothschilds. WE NEED TO COME TOGETHER AND CREATE OUR OWN CURRENCY AND START OVER BY IGNORING THIS EVIL FALSE GOD CALLED THE FED AND STOP GIVING IT OUR ENERGY.

2 days ago
This idiot was sweating like a fat kid around a hot chick lmaooooo

2 days ago
Shes wants to be the new Barbara Walters..Its always sad when you see someone like her grasping for one big story to save her career . Howd that work out for ya Megan..Proof TRICKS ARNT JUST FOR KIDS..Trick ass biotch..See ya wouldn't wanna be ya dumb ass..Theres always porn Megan sould be easy for ya you've already showed your ass..

2 days ago
Release the tapes, Alex!

2 days ago
She just has one job in her career. Be honest to us. She still playing Pinocchio.

3 days ago
This channel has more subscribers than NBC lol.

3 days ago
It had low ratings because nobody wants to watch two bullshit artist argue with each other.

3 days ago
Hey Alex, not gunna lie I am not the biggest fan of your show but man oh man Megyn Kelly's hit piece was a steaming pile of cow dung. It made me tune in to your show even more. I am so sick of the Mainstream media.

3 days ago
So you made fun of megan kellies ratings...does it matter?

3 days ago
Megyn Kelly looks like skeletors sister.

3 days ago
After millionairess Megyn Kelly dumped by NBC, she can work for Al Jazeera.

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