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Beyonce welcomes twins! (A boy and a girl) CONFIRMED
  Published: 1 week ago


People magazine dropped the exclusive information that Beyonce and Jay-Z welcomed twins earlier this week. Their was a lot of speculation about the gender of the twins, however Beyonce and Jay received a special delivery which revealed that they may have a girl and boy twin. Congrats to them!

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Comments Directly on YouTube

10 hours ago
Its so cute she got a Henna on her belly, work it Beyoncé 😍

14 hours ago
Did her face look pregnant?

1 day ago
Twins RELEASED that early from the hospital...and they were PREMATURE??? I personally know woman who had twins and the babies stayed in the hospital for MONTHS...Hmmmmm

2 days ago
Just take a sec and imagine how it would be like being BEYONCÉ'S child...whoa😂

3 days ago
this vid was uploaded on my bday littt fam

4 days ago
public announcement:
NO ONE GIVES A FUCK thank you that is all

4 days ago

5 days ago
I'm very happy for Beyonce and Jay-Z cause now they have kids and Beyonce has a girl and Jay-Z has a boy which means that he can go out and do things with his son and Beyonce can go out and do things with her daughter which is awesome for both Beyonce and Jay-Z.😁😁😁😁 👶👶👦👧

5 days ago
Who gives a rats ass, are born everyday,.............society is in a meltdown if this is news

5 days ago
Why is this woman ALWAYS hiding herself or her children if they are really hers( mother)?????

5 days ago
how old is Blue Ivy

5 days ago
I already knew this, she had the procedure to have what sex she want!!

5 days ago
Congratulations to Jay z and Beyonce may God continues to bless you and your family.

5 days ago
She gave birth to soon so the twins are still in the hospital and she is waiting for them to be healthy and out of the hospital before she posts any baby pics

6 days ago
I think its two boys :(

6 days ago
Congratulations!! Super Mom, Beyond Impressive

6 days ago
Congratulations!! Super Mom, Beyond Impressive

6 days ago
Congratulations!! Super Mom, Beyond Impressive Go B

6 days ago
More than likely they knew from the beginning the sex of the babies because she probably had artificial insemination. However they here and congrats to them.

6 days ago
Its not "great" its invetro

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