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Exclusive: Megyn Kelly Caught Lying To The Public, Red Handed
   The Alex Jones Channel
  Published: 4 days ago


Alex Jones breaks down how Megyn Kelly's NBC hit piece has backfired big time and how there maybe no recovery for this hack job queen extraordinaire.
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Comments Directly on YouTube

53 minutes ago
Megyn Kelly is a major idiot. when a panel was discussing ways the federal government could save money she said privatize the post office some people looked at her but ignored her and so two minutes later she said it again a little louder to privatize the post office. hey stupid blonde bimbo guess what the post office was privatized in 1978 that's why it is called the United States Postal Service and it is no longer the United States Department of post office helloooooooooo!?!? is anybody home?!?!

5 hours ago
it's annoying when she says.. hell no.. She is like an outdated computer

7 hours ago
Laughing at pig teeth. go alex

7 hours ago
thank you Alex...

8 hours ago
They want war to kill off the only people who would protect us! Makes sense.

9 hours ago
SUE CNN- I am ready to sue CNN for inciting riots in America through lies. Even Dems/Liberals are getting sick of all of their negative lies.

9 hours ago
Is it just me or is Megyn looking longer in the face and more mud for makeup?

10 hours ago
good ole megyn cuntly

10 hours ago
Hey now, dont bring Gonzo Journalism into anything.

12 hours ago

12 hours ago
go alex

20 hours ago
Donald trump is not for the people how can you Americans not see this?!! He's escalating tensions with Russia, increasing offensive acts in Syria, introducing coal jobs making it look like a good thing when you have massive green revolution round the corner which China is taking advantage of but you people who have such faith in this man poison workers and make millions for CEO's whiles they take away there healthcare benefits but blame it on regulations.

Wait theres more... Former head of Goldman Sachs controlling the budget to benefit who? yeah thats right rich people like trump and himself. And FYI Trump is in about 300 million dollars in debt to various banks, you can figure out whats going on here. Moreover he is selling arms to the same people who fund isis and those who carried out 9/11. Cuts to schools, health care, things that society really on a day to day basis but increased spending to the military that just fuels more terrorism and gives extra profit to the malarky industrial complex.

Trump is using all of you he's still a neoliberal who gave into the deep state. its amazing how you info war guys were all against things like this before trump was even considering running for office now he's in office going against what you guys stand for and you're all silent??? Wake up and stop giving into the propaganda which occurs on both sides and actually do research instead of listening to one side. Lastly it amazes me how its 2017 and poor people still think voting for rich people will make their lives so much better. Its been nearly 30 years since this neoliberal experiment was conducted by Thatcher and Reagan and now its showing its true colours and especially how greedy, ignorant and contradicting American government is. Latest example trump condemns Qatar of funding terrorist but sells them weapons the next day. If US government had any principles this wouldn't happen in a million years. But money talks, not the people suffering. Trump passes bills that how extremely low approval ratings by the public. This is not a democracy. He's simply doing the bidding of donors and big business like obama and those before him.

1 day ago
"He doesn't even believe in the moon landings" - common attack when exercising critical thinking... Did you know NASA has lost every single piece of original tape that they supposedly recorded on the Moon? The only recordings that do exist, were recorded off TV broadcasts, and you may not believe me that how could the USA spend Trillions of dollars on going to the moon and then actually lose the original recordings, the tape in the cameras that they took up there... its the truth even NASA says they lost it QUOTE: "The original recordings of the first humans landing on the moon 40 years ago were erased and re-used, but newly restored copies of the original broadcast look even better, NASA officials said on Thursday." - They claim the edited copies look better than the original - So in other words the only footage they have is photoshopped and they admit its photoshopped and they admit the original tapes were either lost or deleted ON PURPOSE. Furthermore over 500 moon samples taken by astronauts at a cost of TRILLIONS of dollars, have GONE MISSING "NASA has lost or misplaced more than 500 of the moon rocks its Apollo astronauts collected and brought back to Earth, according to a new agency report." In other words they "misplaced" the evidence they ever went to the Moon.

1 day ago
Keep spreading truth Alex. These librial lunitics and their fake news networks are just scared that no one is listening to their lies anymore...

1 day ago
Stupid bias liberal media they think people are stupid not all of us are.

1 day ago
I just started watching the Oliver Stone interviewing thats how an interview is supposed to go

1 day ago
what song was that at 14:45

1 day ago
Keep you great job. We don't care what they said. Went I want to see a news I see your show.

1 day ago
Megyn is still hot though👍

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