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Alex Jones Megyn Kelly Full Interview Leaked
   The Alex Jones Channel
  Published: 1 week ago


Alex Jones has released recordings made during a pre-interview between himself and Megyn Kelly to set the record straight after the release of the highly edited promo for the NBC hosts upcoming hit piece.
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Comments Directly on YouTube

4 minutes ago
Megyn Kelly is a joke

9 minutes ago
That's just it Alex you do NOT stand by your words. You run when it gets tough You are a sad person, who cherry pick your own lies. So far what you've shown does not jive with your claims.

29 minutes ago
When a host of a show immediatelly lies, 1:48 by saying "You can decide for yourself" proceeded by painting Kelly as the modern-day Medusa 4:07 ... If you want a viewers honest opinion about ANYTHING, don't bring such blunt subjectivity, like antagonising one of the parties in the discussion. Alex is basically saying "...And you'll decide wether I, Alex the victim hero, or her, Kelly the devil, is bad guy here".

I'm not on anyones side here, but as soon as a journalist paints a picture in a report, he/she is creating your opinion. There is nothing about this suggesting Alex(in this case) is giving you the space to "decide for yourself" in this report.

35 minutes ago
both of you are fake news

41 minutes ago
I'm sure this channel is full of bots

1 hour ago
"Robots and muslms"?

1 hour ago
Isn't it wonderful, the hypocrisy. So many people yelling "fake news", yet being so blind. So "sad".

1 hour ago
I fucking hate Alex, but In a FREE and OPEN society, EVERYONE deserves a platform.

2 hours ago
I would love to give Megan a facial, and I am not a make up artist.

2 hours ago
What a cut throat shitty ass bitch. Nice job Alex.

3 hours ago
7k dislikes??

4 hours ago
She is not a transvestite Gorgon she is cute, beautiful actually

4 hours ago
She is doing the verbal equivalent of a bj on Alex to get him to agree. She is disgusting.

4 hours ago
Alex was eaten alive! He showed nothing different than the NBC interview, and the " scared bitch face" he made when she said Chobani

5 hours ago
Very disappointing. She used his family to say she was going to humanize him instead of attacking him. Do you see the smirk on her face when she does the gotcha remarks...very disappointing.

5 hours ago
Well good thing you recorded it Alex, she would of brought a sexual suit against you. Nbc be warned, tape every encounter with her or all your employees will be in court with her. What a slutty b*t*h!

6 hours ago
Meagan Kelly sucks

7 hours ago
Can you say snowflake

7 hours ago
She's a deceptive snake.

8 hours ago
LMAO she could tell you were trying to bait her into saying she was just trying to do a hit piece on you. Quit crying about reporters asking you hard questions, that's what they're supposed to do. Would you rather she only ask you self-fellating questions, or go over your controversial statements that people want to hear about?

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