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Jimmy Fallon Gets a Mustache
   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
  Published: 1 week ago


Take a behind-the-scenes look at Jimmy getting his beard shaved into a mustache during a commercial break on The Tonight Show.

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Jimmy Fallon Gets a Mustache
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Comments Directly on YouTube

33 minutes ago
I miss letterman :( can't stand jimmy. miss the days when men didn't care so much about facial hair lol

4 hours ago
give Jimmy some aviator sunglasses and he can be on the next super trooper movie.

5 hours ago
Jimmy looks cute with the mustache =))

7 hours ago
I don't know why people are saying he looks like Hitler, do y'all even know what he looked like?? He had a short Charlie Chaplin. (which really Charlie wore his to make fun of Hitler) But Jimmy does remind me of Ron Burgundy and even Pornstashe lol

15 hours ago
nice porn stache

15 hours ago
Convert drop any combat dining agree input kind.

16 hours ago

20 hours ago
He looks like tony stark

22 hours ago
more interesting than most internet things

22 hours ago
he looks like a french sous chef who's going to meet his american in laws to ask their adopted new Zealander daughter's hand in marriage

1 day ago
it looks great! Like an 80s porn star or a 2017 stalker, just great :P

1 day ago
The richest hipster eva

2 days ago
I can't look at Jimmy until that thing is gone

2 days ago
Aaw, he looks like an understudy for Anchormen.

2 days ago
He looks like dr.phil

2 days ago
Getting 'My name is Earl' vibes

2 days ago
Midlife crisis

2 days ago
Freddie Mercury :D?

2 days ago
He's mustache looking really polish. Now he look like Janusz (sorry for my bad english)

2 days ago
he looks like ned flanders from the simpsons

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