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Instructions for a Happy Life
  Published: 2 weeks ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 weeks ago
I ain't taking no flossing recommendations from a Brit of all people on this planet.

58 minutes ago
OMG hahaha 34. FACTORIAN!!!

5 hours ago
what nationality are you

7 hours ago
Existentialism makes me laugh. There's a whole other side to this life thing that sadly not too many people ever witness.

7 hours ago
Don't try to push that agenda of yours... Flossing.... Propaganda bs

8 hours ago
well I just watched a l l your videos

8 hours ago
I have never made the decision to subscribe to someone this fast ever. Your content is really entertaining.

10 hours ago
Amen. Especially about George and the prequels.

11 hours ago
oh come on, we all know that no one flosses

15 hours ago
you are such an intelligent and interesting person and this is the first time ever in my Life i dont say it ironically

19 hours ago
For some reason when i watch these videos i feel calm maybe i think i am just thinking like exurb1a and hearing from is making my anxiety gone or he is just smart and i feel smarter your choise mate beware typo's

21 hours ago
exurb1a, are you a dentist?

23 hours ago
You should make an Instagram so I (and others) can tag you when we post your quotes

1 day ago
1- Smile
2- Buy great products

1 day ago
I love everything about you holy shit literally you saying factorio made me so happy

1 day ago
I found your channel last night and I've already watched all your videos, hurry up and make more! I love your channel

2 days ago
"There is a set point in the future where you will be talked about for the last time in history" fuck

2 days ago

2 days ago
Instructions for a happy life.
Stop looking or BELIEVING there IS instructions and get out there and live.
Frickin' idiots

2 days ago
14: so true!!!!!!!!!!!! i got FSX and i couldn't run it!!!

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